Client: LUFE                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Year: 2014

The wooden fruit crates are sturdy, functional and timeless. Beka is like them: functional, durable, strong and adaptable to everyone’s needs. Therefore, Beka has two parts: the topside where you can hang clothes from different lengths and the bottom to store shoes or other items in a neatly arranged. This lower case is what makes different from the others hanger racks to Beka.

Beka clothes rack increases its family with a new configuration, the hanger rack for kids and babies. It maintenances the same characteristics that its predecessor. The childish Beka fits easily to kid’s room. Its main novelty is the strip placed in the middle, between the topside rack where you hang clothes and the bottom box. This way the capacity of the clothes rack increases, hanging the clothes in two heights.