YEAR: 2014


The Arina table is the first of several pieces designed by us and Lufe. The basis for all pieces designed by Lufe is that they must be simple and clean, representing their basic values: local, universal, practical, and ecological, as well as using fine wood from local forests.
Arina Table LUFE Arina Table LUFE
So, designing a table with this personality was a challenge. The main idea for this table was that it needed to be strong, but lightweight at the same time.

Out of these two concepts, came the idea for the Arina table’s articular leg. The peculiarity of this, is that depending on from which point of view you look at it, the table will give you two different sensations.

Available in four different sizes, the table can fit in any space, from a small kitchen to a dining room for up to 10 people, or even cafeterias or restaurants.

Based on its success, the collection has grown to include, a bench, coffee table, and stool.

Material: pine wood plank.

The Arina collection has received the Egurtek 2018 award, in the category “Local Wood”.