YEAR: 2018


The Lau stool is a simple 4-piece design. In fact, simplicity is the main goal of this new design. With four boards, four legs, and four panels on the seat… the number four becomes a magical number that makes possible the stool’s practicality, saving spaceand ensuring that manufacturing is straightforward.

The word Lau means “four” in the Basque language, the native language of our forests and woods. Its the namesake of our stool.

Lau Stool LUFE Lau Stool LUFE
Lau is stackable. You can put three units on top of each other at a time, saving space, which is an investment that most current homeowners appreciate.
The possibilities of the Lau stool are multiple, use it as dining room seating, auxiliary furniture, bedside table, it’s perfect for any environment.
Lau Stool LUFE Lau Stool LUFE