YEAR: 2023


Octo is the first bookshelf we designed for the Lithuanian company Viruna. We sought to create an elegant yet unique piece. One that, wherever it was placed, would stand out for its versatility and simplicity. A piece that would last over time.

Octo Octo
To this end, we took inspiration from a very simple geometric shape: the octagon. This two-dimensional figure forms the base and joinery of the shelf, two essential elements of the piece.

On the one hand, the octagonal shape of the columns makes the light stand out on their facets. On the other, in addition to connecting the columns and the shelves, the metallic joints add a splash of color to the piece.

To give the shelf more character, we also designed the shelves with semicircular ends, giving this piece a unique personality.

As you can see, this collection of wooden shelves is full of small details that make it shine.

Octo is available in three widths; thanks to its design, its height can be expanded up to a maximum of 5 shelves, allowing the customer to create a shelf to their liking and adapt it to different spaces.