YEAR: 2022


It’s no accident that Drops Collection evokes the protective air of an umbrella.

Always motivated by the natural world around her, Silvia Ceñal delivers a new collection inspired by water. The elegant silhouette feels classic and familiar while the subtly lowered shade feels like a creative respite from our daily woes.

Drops lampara Drops lampara
Drops Table Light
Drops Collection feels as optimistic as Silvia herself with its bold color ways and comforting style. Its careful balance of function and beauty echoes an ethos seen time and time again from this beloved designer.

Created for those who crave natural light, Drops yields an effortless glow to any space – big or small.

The Drops collection is the culmination of a process that began a few years ago, when Gantri and Silvia Ceñal decided to join forces to create a collection of lamps.
Drops Floor Light
ZestaPunta lamparas
Drops lamps Drops lamps
With the purpose of designing luminaires that could be enjoyed in any space and where the advantages of a manufacturing process so current today, such as 3D printing, Drops has been created.

Inspired by the rainy days so common in her city, San Sebastian, Silvia Ceñal creates a collection of elegant and fun lamps. Where its base with a soft organic shape and the detail of something as simple as the position of the line that separates the screen from the base gives a differentiating touch to this collection.

Behinds Drops for Gantri
Drops Table Light
Boceto Drops light