YEAR: 2019


The collection Zumitz of hot pads&oven gloves is designed and produced to display a raw material in disuse. To help to increase its value and its recognition through everyday use handy objects.

Produced by the artisan Yolanda Sanchez.

Zumitz Trivet Zumitz Trivet
Zumitz is made of wool of native sheeps “Latxa” and “Carranzana” as well as Merino wool. These kind of wool were fundamental for the economy of Basque Country in the past.

To the use of the native wool was added the Merino wool, coming from Castile to the Bilbao port, where the Merino wool was shipped to factories all across Europe.

In years past, each shepherd made his cheese with the milk of his flock, using cheese moulds (called Zumitz). These Zumitz were made of wooden strips and a base with carved geometric designs, that functioned as sieves for the curdled milk.

This collection is inspired by these geometric designs. This is our way to pay tribute to the Basque shepherds in our everyday life.

100% non-dyed natural wool.
Designed and produced in Basque Country.